Create an online memorial by placing your marker on our ‘map of memories’.

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Lantern is an online platform that encourages people to recall special moments with someone who has died. Then create an online memorial dedicated to them on our ‘map of memories’. Lantern is a safe space, where these memories can be acknowledged, written about and photographs uploaded. Lantern is a space for names not numbers.

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COVID 19 deaths and the yellow heart

The yellow heart has become the unifying symbol for those bereaved due to COVID19. Lantern now includes the option to leave a Yellow Heart marker on the site to acknowledge someone who lost their life to Covid19. The accumulated number of yellow hearts placed will acknowledge the vast and sadly growing network of people who have this shared experience. Find out more.

How do I create my memorial?

  1. Click on ‘Create your memory’ and view the map of memories.
  2. Locate the exact place where your memory was made by typing the location into the search bar at the top. Anywhere in the world. As specific as you want it to be. Choose from the Lantern or the yellow heart motif.
  3. Add a photo, write about the person, and describe the memory shared with them.
  4. Share your memory, and encourage others to do the same.


All the work carried out by Lantern has been made possible by donations. To assist with our further plans please click below to donate.


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