1. What is Lantern?

Lantern is an online platform that offers the opportunity to create virtual memorials to commemorate the lives of those close to us who have died.

2. Who is involved in the Lantern project?

Lantern is based on a project created by Mark Pryde and developed by Primate for St. Columba’s Hospice Care in Edinburgh. The success of this project coupled with personal experience of the effects of bereavement drove Mark to work with Primate to set Lantern.

3. How much does it cost to place a Lantern?

Lantern is free to use. If you would like to support the project to help it reach more people then please support our crowdfunding campaign.

4. What is the purpose of Lantern?

During all of our lives people we care about will die. It is increasingly rare for people to have a grave to visit and not viable for everyone to invest in a memorial park bench. That does not change the fact that people require a space to reflect and grieve.

The mission is to create a safe online space for individuals to work through whichever stage of grief they are occupying. Experiencing and coping with bereavement will be one of the most difficult mental challenges we experience in life. Every bereavement is unique, and the journey can be a long one. Lantern will be there to provide a means of support in the days, months and years ahead.

5. Can I make a donation?

Though we intend to set Lantern up as a charity, it is not one yet. We do however, have a Crowdfunding campaign which you can support here.

6. What will be the goals of the Charity?

Our mission is to generate and offer funds for those who need it most. Allowing immediate access to private therapy as opposed to the huge waiting lists that exist for free charity spaces.

We will also set up scholarships to fund training to enable people to become qualified bereavement counsellors.

7. If I give money to the Crowdfund where does my money go?

In the future Lantern will become a registered charity. You can read more about this project either on the crowdfund page, or within this document. As well as launching Lantern as a charity, the money from this crowdfund will enable us to add further functionality to the platform with features such as:

Family and friend ‘Bereavement Bubbles’

Having ownership over the memorial you create on the Lantern site is crucial. It must be a safe space. For some, it will be a space just for themselves. For others, the ability to choose who to invite into this space to share memories about a person who has died will be crucial. Create your memory, set out the space, keep it safe and control who you share it with.

An online Forum ‘The Million Memories Club’

A moderated online forum that allows the bereaved a safe space to share stories and connect with like-minds. Visitors will sign up via user accounts and be able to access the resources and shared knowledge from within the forum.

Set reminders on the memories you create

The ability to set rand share reminders for specific dates (anniversaries, birthdays, holidays) where virtual lanterns can be lit and each anniversary acknowledged.

Add and link multiple locations

Set multiple lanterns on the map to link more than one memory to each bereavement.

Add links to favourite songs and films.

It can be the little things that remind us of someone. The songs, films, special events you attended at specific dates, we will provide a function to create lists and link to them.

Bespoke icons

Choose bespoke markers dependant on career and background for example NHS, Police or Armed Forces.

8. Can I add a photo?

You are able to add a photo of the person you create a memorial for on our site.

9. How do I get in touch with someone if I need help or further information?

You can seek further information by emailing info@lantern.org.uk

10. Can I create more than one memory?

You can create as many memories as you choose to remember someone special to you who has died.

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