Covid Bereavement

The pandemic has been a awful time for anyone who have lost a family member or friend because of Covid19. Any bereavement caused by the disease have been made even more difficult when grieving individuals have been confronted by the measures introduced to stop the spread of virus during the pandemic.

Funerals have been attended with minimum amounts of family members present, wakes have had to be cancelled. Bereaved families and friends have been separated from at a time when they need to see each other the most. Covid19 bereavements have left many people alone and isolated, removed from the mechanisms and spaces that typically exist to provide comfort.

Yellow Heart

The Yellow Heart is now recognised as the symbol for those bereaved due to COVID19. Lantern has updated the platform to enable those affected to be able to be able to place a yellow heart on our map of memories.

We encourage those who have been bereaved to create an online memorial, placing a yellow heart on the specific location that a memory was created. By then choosing to place the yellow heart they will create a memorial and acknowledge someone whose life has been cut short by Covid 19.

A place for names not numbers

Together the yellow hearts will signify this vast group of people who have been bereaved because of Covid 19.

Individually each yellow heart signifies a unique memory created with the person who has died.

Lantern - Fund the next phase

Lantern has so far been entirely funded by goodwill and donations. We want to continue to further develop the platform and to do so we need your help.

The next steps for Lantern.

  • We are looking to raise money to further develop the Lantern platform. Our plans are to enable people to network memories together and acknowledge individual memories of the same person.
  • We also want to enable these memories to be collated into a keepsake that can be purchased, the little book of memories.

Please contact the following pages if you have been affected by a bereavement.

Bereavement support

If you have been affected by a bereavement due to Covid19

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